We're moving to a single sign-in system

Previously, you needed to manage different passwords for each of our solutions. To improve our sign-in experience, we're moving to a single sign-in system. This means each of our portals that you access with the same email address will use the same password as well. This includes DRMtoday, PRESTOplay, and Video Toolkit.

No more managing multiple sign-in credentials! You'll only need to remember one email and password.

Single sign-in

Sign in here if after 20 June 2021 you:
  • Updated one of your castLabs passwords to a single sign-in password
  • or
  • Created a new account

Not using single sign-in yet?

Just sign in as usual here.

You'll have the option to update your password and can then use our single sign-in going forward.

(You only need to do this once - there's no need to update your other castLabs portal passwords.)